Picnics against the transgenic potato

French version

On 2010 March 2nd, the brand new European commission, after years of tractations, authorized the cultivation of a GM potato (brand AMFLORA owned by BASF) for industrial use, but also some feed and, should the occasion arise, also food. It added three GM corns for sale and not cultivation.

We propose that you organize a picnic on the topic of potato, there where you are. Those who initiated the idea will promote picnics in Paris France at May 30th. blowing the whistle of the local medias so as to share a non-GM potato can be a good way to discuss of the numerous topics behind GM food and feed.

The precise desing of the picnic is totally free : competition for the best dish based on potatoes, direct sale of dishes based on potatoes, games, plays (such as the wedding of an official of Bruxelles and BASF for instance), ...

The first recorded picnic will be in Paris at the metro .. Parmentier, of course :) and the list can be seen in French on the french page.

image choisie aléatoirement

You can update the list of picnics by contacting us .

You also can send a paper mail to JM Barroso with a potato peeling.

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